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For buyers choosing this route, finding the right custom builder is essential so that they end up with a quality home that meets both their design goals and their budget. However, selecting a trustworthy builder can feel like an overwhelming task. Adair's new guide offers practical advice for evaluating the people, processes, and products of a potential homebuilder. Features of the guide include: Five questions to ask when vetting a homebuilding team Ten questions to ask in order to better understand a homebuilder's process Ten questions to ask to gather more information on the homes a builder produces "With so many homebuilders in the market, determining which one is the right fit can be difficult," says Josh Biggs, Adair's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Evaluating the people on a homebuilding team, the processes they use, and the quality of the product they deliver can lead to an informed decision. Our new guide is a checklist of key questions to ask in order to help reach this important decision." To learn more about this e-book or Adair Homes, visit . About Adair Homes, Inc. Adair Homes is a premier homebuilder in the Pacific Northwest. The company was founded in 1969 in Oregon and takes pride in offering better homes for less.

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While the rest of the region swelters, the khareef, as its known locally, transforms Salalah into a green paradise more reminiscent of Ireland than Arabia. The rest of the year, its blessed with blue skies and pleasant temperatures. View photos This, believe it or not, is the Middle East Credit: GETTY More Anantaras Al Baleed Resort is set on a glorious beach and separated by a freshwater lagoon from the World Heritage-listed ruins of Al Baleed, a frankincense trading port that dates back to the eighth century. The whitewashed resort blends traditional Omani architecture crenellated fortress facade, ornately carved doors, graceful arcades with modern luxuries, such as a top-notch Pan-Asian restaurant and a spa to rival its sister property. Most of the 96 villas have private pools and all come with an Omani-style sitting area decorated in rich hand-woven fabrics and large bathrooms with egg-shaped tubs. View photos Anantaras Al Baleed Resort More Days of blissful idleness are interspersed with occasional sorties with Hussein, Anantaras local guide. In the neighbouring archaeological site, we walk among the tumbled columns of a 10th-century mosque and explore Omans proud seafaring history at the excellent museum. On the way into town, we stop at one of many roadside stalls to sip coconut water straight from the shell and snack on sweet papaya. In Souk Al Markazi, the main produce market, Hussein buys fresh sardines and takes them to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant to be grilled for our lunch. Next to us, a group of men huddle over chess and drink karak chai, a reminder of Omans long-established sea trade with India. On my last day, we set off in a 4x4 to the fabled Rub al Khali, the Empty Quarter, a 250,000-square-mile sea of windblown dunes that stretches northwards from Oman into Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and westwards into Yemen.

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